This network is called as Mid-Pak Industries, because, its network is spread from upper Sindh, to lower Punjab, thus covering the mid area of Pakistan. Hence accordingly, is called Mid-Pak Industries.


Bite brand marketing since 1998 with the production of bite cookies ,bite biscuits ,bite waffers. After completing three successful years of quality and marketing Bite came into bread and its allied products (Rusk, Cake, etc) from may ,1st 2002 , bite also launched sweets and snacks with standard quality rates now bite covers complete range of all bakery products along with SWEETS, SNACKS. CANDY, COOKIES, etc. SNACKS AND TREATS. ... Enjoy!

Bite's aims at providing standard quality product for nourishing its valuable consumer's health.


Thanks GOD this object has been achieved a lot but company still struggling for further improvement in quality; product development and consumer satisfaction. Bite gained a highly positive response in this matter.